EU external migration spending in Southern Mediterranean and Eastern Neighbourhood countries until 2014

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This report deals with the two main financing instruments (TPMA and ENPI) of the external dimension of the EU’s common migration policy which aims to provide effective management of migration flows in partnership with countries of origin and transit. This report examines whether the spending of both instruments had clear objectives and whether it had been effective and well-coordinated. We found that overall, the instruments provided no clear strategy by which to identify their contribution to objectives and thus it is unclear what they intend to achieve at EU level. It was often difficult to measure the results achieved by EU spending and the contribution of migration to development was difficult to assess. The policy is characterised by complex governance, insufficient coordination and the absence of a funding overview that specified who finances what between the Commission and the Member States.
Development & Humanitarian Aid, Asylum & Refugees, Global Governance, Human Rights, Foreign Affairs
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European Union
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Thursday, March 17, 2016
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