Europe: A Union for the Powerless as well as the Powerful?

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‘Europe: A Union for the Powerless as well as the Powerful’ is the ninth publication in Social Justice Ireland’s European Research Series. The report analyses performance in areas such as poverty and inequality, employment, access to key public services and taxation. These areas are examined in light of the key social policy responses of the European Union to the crisis including the social investment package. The report also points to some policy proposals and alternatives for discussion. These include the right to sufficient income, meaningful work and access to key quality services. These policy proposals explore how these areas might be delivered upon in a changing world. We hope that this report can make a timely and significant contribution to the launch of the consultation on a European Pillar of Social Rights. This publication points to the need to examine alternatives and to develop a social welfare and support system that can adapt to changing realities and withstand future shocks. Minimum income schemes, the Living Wage, Basic Income schemes, the changing nature of work, adequate investment, access to quality services, representation and sustainability are policy areas which are discussed and examined in this research.
Social Rights, Social Performance, Social Policy, Growth, Employment, Equality & Diversity, Economy, Poverty, Taxation
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Sunday, September 27, 2015
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