Shaping Our Future

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The UK has voted to leave the European Union. Now there are important questions that must be answered on the future of the country’s relationship with the European Union and the rest of the world. As the source of economic growth, jobs and opportunity in our communities and regions, business now has a vital role in maintaining stability and helping the Government to plot its future. Working together, we must make the most of the vote to leave identifying opportunities outside of the EU while safeguarding the benefits of a close relationship with the EU, to build a prosperous UK economy that works for everyone. This document aims to assist Government in their approach to the negotiations outlining how to provide short-term clarity and reassurance for business, the principles the business community has agreed and the balances that will need to be considered in safeguarding the benefits of EU membership and respecting the vote of the public. In the weeks since the vote to leave, the CBI has consulted with over 500 of its members on their views. Opinions vary between businesses depending on how they interact with Europe, but there are some clear areas where Government and business can work together. Government should look to negotiate a new relationship with the EU along the following principles: a) Retaining the ease of UK-EU trade that businesses get from the single market; b) Balancing regulatory equivalence with the EU with flexibility and influence over the domestic environment; c) Ensuring the UK’s migration system allows companies to access the people and skills they need, while recognising public concerns; d) Developing a clear strategy for international trade and economic agreements; e) Protecting the economic and social benefits of EU funded projects. A new, deep partnership between Government and business of all sizes from across the United Kingdom will be needed for this to work. In order to move forward successfully, Government needs input from business and companies need reassurance on a number of issues. Now there is a new Prime Minister, the Government can help business engage by: a) Laying out a clear timetable and plan to provide business with certainty; b) Maintaining a partnership between Government and business of all sizes from across the UK; c) Continuing UK influence over EU legislation during the negotiation.
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United Kingdom
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Thursday, July 21, 2016
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Shaping Our Future