Making the Single Market the EU’s Growth Engine

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Alongside the preservation of lasting peace in Europe, the single market is the greatest achievement of the European integration project. At the same time, it is the central basis for the future of the European Union. Only a well-integrated market is competitive, creates prosperity and jobs, guarantees stability and secures Europe's political influence in the world. The continuous deepening of the single market in all areas is therefore imperative so we can continue to defend and claim our European sovereignty, our standards and values globally. This paper puts into concrete terms the core demand of German industry to make the completion of the single market an overarching political leitmotif of national and European policy once again. The proposed recommendations for action are intended to help overcome the current political stalemate in deepening the single market at national and European level. A fully integrated single market would bring the EU up to 1.1 trillion euros or up to 8.6 percent of EU GDP - an economic potential that Europe can no longer afford to leave untapped in times of continuing economic turmoil and geopolitical shifts. National and European decision-makers are urgently called upon to finally put their repeated promises for "more Europe" into practice.
Single Market, Growth, Investment; Growth; European Added Value; Economy; Employment
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Tuesday, March 1, 2022
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Making the Single Market the EU’s Growth Engine
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