A New Transatlantic Agenda

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Transatlantic relations have been a significant pillar of economic recovery in Western Europe after the end of the Second World War and have become of utmost importance for economic, security, and societal reasons in all of Europe. In a period where our economies and societies are challenged by a pandemic that has incurred substantial costs of life, well-being, and prosperity, German industry sees opportunities of transatlantic joint action for improving the cooperation and competitiveness of our economies. Due to its importance for long-term prosperity for both partners, developing the transatlantic agenda further requires a comprehensive approach with clearly defined milestones on this journey. Key proposals for vitalizing transatlantic relations. We call for a resolution of trade conflicts, the removal of trade irritants for companies on both sides of the Atlantic and the promotion of a World Trade Organization reform. We urge to abstain from any further tightening of Buy America(n) rules, as they would create additional imbalances regarding access to markets for public procurement at the disadvantage of EU bidders. The EU and the United States should swiftly align on climate policy objectives, on carbon pricing, and on strengthening the collaboration regarding hydrogen and energy efficiency. There is a compelling need for a reliable and solid legal basis for unhindered data transfer across the Atlantic to replace the invalidated EU-U.S. Privacy Shield. The United States and the EU should develop such a trustworthy agreement on an expedite basis.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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A New Transatlantic Agenda
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