The European Green Deal

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With the European Green Deal, the EU Commission has presented a new roadmap for climate and environmental protection. The aim is to decouple economic growth in the EU as far as possible from the use of resources. Net greenhouse gas neutrality is to be achieved by 2050. Creating efficient framework conditions for transformation. The EU Commission sees climate protection in the Green Deal as an economic stimulus plan. However, from our point of view, there is still a lack of concrete measures to support European industry in the transformation process and to keep it competitive. Just as resolutely as the measures to reduce emissions, protect the environment and climate protection – and at the same pace – the EU must also propose measures for a sustainably successful economy. It is also necessary to contribute to the necessary social support in the member states. A strong economy for a successful Green Deal. Only a competitive and innovative industry can generate the necessary investments in climate and environmental protection. The EU's focus must now be on shaping the right and, in particular, internationally competitive framework conditions for the successful implementation of transformation processes. Innovation and investment need to be strengthened. The aim is to build infrastructure, remove regulatory hurdles and streamline bureaucratic processes. The EU can live up to its responsibilities in particular if innovative, technological solutions are developed that can also be applied globally and thus have a cross-border leverage effect for climate protection. In implementing the Green Deal, it will be crucial to combine sustainability, industrial production and prosperity.
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Friday, February 25, 2022
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The European Green Deal
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