Resilience – Conclusions from the Corona Pandemic

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The corona pandemic is hitting the economy and society hard. How drastic the direct and indirect consequences will actually be cannot yet be estimated with certainty: neither for health, nor for the national economies or even the entire world economic system. What is clear, however, is that both the scale of the crisis and the measures taken to deal with it are of an intensity that we thought unimaginable just a few months ago. Recommendations for action for a more resilient and competitive location. The pandemic exposes long-standing structural weaknesses in some areas. In the acute phase of the crisis, the state and federal government made good decisions for our country under great time pressure in an environment characterized by great complexity and uncertainty. It is not a question of questioning them. Rather, the aim is to make the site even more resilient and competitive overall, also in order to take precautions for other possible disaster scenarios. At the same time, their probability of occurrence must be reduced. The Future Council of the Bavarian Economy publishes recommendations for action "out of line", i.e. in addition to this year's focus on climate protection. Technological innovation as the key to resilience. The crisis has clearly shown that we are facing particular challenges in those areas in which we are not yet exploiting the existing technological potential, in particular that of digitization. The recommendations focus on the topics of prevention and prediction, the organization of a safer ramp-up, especially in the world of work, an innovation program for the economy and the use of new technologies in the service of society ("Service to Society").
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Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Resilience – Conclusions from the Corona Pandemic
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